Looking For Ralph Paul's Guitar Made Easy

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If anyone has this it would be greatly appreciated. Here is what all is included:

Basics - Volume 1 & 2
Techniques - Volume 1 & 2
Jump Start DVD
BONUS 3 DVD Music Compilation Set (Country, Blues & Rock)

8 dvd''s total

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DickSmith00127 • 20 March 2013, 15:49 Show comment
My old man just got this after watching the TV infomercial.
It came with 8 disc in total in a nifty cardboard box/case.
It's just in the other room as I make this post, but I unfortunately have no idea on how to share it here.
Some are DVD and works on our standard DVD player but the others are just music. No different than my many music CD collections.
I quickly google'd how to rip it to my computer but I was like O.o *completely lost on the process.
So with that said, perhaps someone witty enough can manage to get it here since KAT is probably the best place on the net for torrents.
Sorry m8.
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