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SIM CITY 4 DELUXE EDITION ( Sim City 4 + Sim City 4: Rush Hour )

-Polish -Dutch -Danish -French -German -Italian -Norwgian -Spanish -Swedish -UKEnglsh -Portgese -Finnish

1. Unzip the simcity 4 file you've just downloaded

2. Now run daemon tool or alcohol 120% and mount "SC4DELUXE1.mdf", it will auto play and you should see install, when you click install it will ask for the serial number. You can find the serial in CD1 folder "serail"., half way installing it will prompt you to insert disk 2, now mount "SIMCITY 4 DELUXE EDITON CD2.img" you can find this on cd2 folder.

3. Download Patch Update: 1.1.638.0 from: or;182816;/browsefiles.html

For the following territories download the sku 1 update. The territories include North America, South Africa, India, Pakistan, Australia, and New Zealand.
( or;1431865;/fileinfo.html )

For the following territories download the sku 2 update. The territories include South America, Africa (except South Africa), Europe, Russia, Mexico and Central America.
( or;1431866;/fileinfo.html )

4. After installing, download No-CD from:

(For the ALL territories)

after downloading this extract to "C:Program FilesMaxisSimCity 4 DeluxeApps"

If gameplay is terrible slow or have any Graphic Issues.

SimCity 4 Deluxe edition has knowen issues with newer RADEON and NVIDIA Drivers, the only why to get the game to work properly is to set the "Renderer option" in the graphics options to software rendering !!! it will look the same as the dx rendering and will run faster.

doom_doubt na 2008-10-26 06:29 CET:

I got it to install and now i am on tutorial area.
This is what i did:
First of all this i have vista 64.
I used Deamon tool and 7z unzip program. Winrar can also be used to unzip.

Please note: at some point of the installation you will be asked to register. I did not register so I don't know if anything changes if you do register.

1. Install Deamon tool.
2. Unzip the files.
3. Use Deamon tool to mount .mds file from CD1 folder. autorun it. You will be asked to select a language.
4. At around 49% you will be asked for CD2, mount the .cue file on the second slot of Deamon tool. (to set number of drives on Deamon tool right click on deamon tool icon that located buttom right corner of the screen somewhere next to the time, and select "virtual cd/dvd rom", "set number of devices" select 3, which will give you 4 extra drive).

5. After mounting .cue file from CD2 folder, click ok to continue installation.

6. After the installation is complete, Don't unmount anything. You will be at a blue screen. Do do anything. The computer will seem like it froze (i don't know if this is only on my laptop). then you will see an EA logo after probably 40 seconds and a movie cliff.

7. You will be taken to tutorial area.

Thats all I know. I didn't try saving and stuff or installing the patch from the EA site. (The link for the patch is given in the discription of this torrent.

Also there are no virus that were detected.

jojojo80 na 2008-11-16 22:04 CET:

Easiest torrent game to install ever. I don't post much but I figured so many people are having so many problems, I'll help you all ou. Follow exactly and you can't go wrong.

1) download and extract with winrar. You will have two folers (cd 1, cd2) and a text file containing the serial.

2) Using Daemon tools (make sure you have the latest version 4.30.1) If you don't have it, google it - it's free.

3) Set Daemon Tools to TWO devices. From cd folder one, mount the .mds file on device 1. DO NOT START INSTALLATION YET. On device 2, mount the .img file from folder CD folder 2. When mounting, change daemon tools to *.* all files, so it recognizes the .img file.

4)Now click install. Enter the serial found in the .txt file in your download folder.

The installation will run and not even ask for cd 2 if you've done this right. The game will start immidiately after installation. You DO NOT need the patch or no CD crack if you don't want it. If you have enough room to leave the cd mounted, I recomend leaving the .exe file alone. If you want the patch and nocd files, find them here:

patch -

nocd -

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Top Comments

TheRedRocket41 • 30 Jul 2012, 01:28
torrent downloaded
I bought this game a while ago but I lost one of the install discs so this really helped out! Just follow the directions and it'll work. Runs perfectly for me!
r4ymaster1692 • 16 Oct 2012, 12:50
torrent downloaded
Works great on Win 7 x64 Ultimate, you have to have DISK 2 mounted via daemon tools when you want to play, because DISK 2 is the play disk. If you don't mount it you will get an error message at the bridge starting screen. Or get a no-cd crack.
ReneVu446 • 28 Aug 2012, 13:56
torrent downloaded
no need patch, work like a charm

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Art141 • 12 April 2014, 04:20 Show comment
I downloaded the game yesterday and it was working fine. Today, when I am trying to play, it says please load the game cd to play. Please help.
djscottallen20 • 12 April 2014, 02:06 Show comment
that is one crazy install... just buy the game
ImmDreamer4 • 11 April 2014, 20:49 Show comment
Will this run on Mavericks 10.9.2?
anonymous • 03 April 2014, 14:35 Show comment
Is this working for windows 8??
anonymous • 05 April 2014, 12:38 Show comment
Should do, if not run in windows 7
MannuYadav82040 • 25 March 2014, 09:17
torrent downloaded
Show comment
Good and Working and
Thanks For Uploading
anonymous • 20 March 2014, 13:59 Show comment
is this the latest version? most mods now need latest patched version of the game right?
anonymous • 18 March 2014, 04:03 Show comment
Works perfectly on my Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit (i7 3.2ghz, 12gb RAM, Geforce 580). The update and territories patches no longer work, but I'm pretty sure you can google them. Thanx all! :)
anonymous • 12 March 2014, 14:07 Show comment
Some people have trouble with it on multi-core systems, you can also tweak the resolution and get rid of the EA intro by adding some info to the shortcut path i.e. below (-CPUcount:1 forces the game to use only 1 core, since it wasn't designed to handle multiple cores well and may cause it to crash sporadically): "X:\Program Files (x86)\Maxis\SimCity 4 Deluxe\Apps\SimCity 4.exe" -CustomResolution:enabled -r1920x1080x32 -CPUcount:1 -intro:Off -f
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